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My name is Thomas Doerr.
My passion is about arts, their transformations into neighboring disciplines and multimedia.
My artistic background is about photography, music and sculptures in different materials. To make this project possible I had the pleasure to study sculptural work in the free academy of ceramics led by artist Sabine Classen, Groetzingen, Germany,  over the last 10 years. I share her fascination for 'Movement becomes Form' and the rule-based approach 'Konkrete Kunst' that led me to Max Bill, among others. New works deal with the triangle as a basic and expressive form.

My helpful engineering background on top is electronics, optics, optomechanics development in the area of
UV absorbance and UV fluorescence spectrophotometry where I had been in charge of major designs and implementation as employee of Hewlett-Packard, Waldbronn, Germany

I enjoy a philanthropic approach to share funny stuff and will be happy to trigger your curiosity, enthusiasm and fascination about my topic.
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