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In my artistic workflow, I use basic shapes such as triangular or circular loops to find concepts for sculptures that are transformed from ceramic into colourless cast glass. These are finally complemented by lighting of the glass core, video functions and harmonised music.

I owe my skills to Sabine Classen, Free Ceramics Academy, Groetzingen, Germany, who fascinates me with her rule-based and structured, non-mathematical ceramic objects. Her guiding principle: 'Movement becomes form' also guides my work.

Another influence is a work by Max Bill, seen at Ulm, Art Museum, Germany. It's called 'Double surface with 6 right-angled corners' where he followed a strict mathematical approach along 'Concrete Art' philosophy. Both approaches are inspiring and exciting in their contradictory nature while following highest aesthetic and craftsmanship standards.

Sculpture: Circle of Life

Circle of Life ceramics sculpture by
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