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My sculptural ceramic work is about working with basic shapes such as triangles or loops to explore different forms of expression, including the Moebius style. I am guided by aesthetic and formal design rules and make my forms swing and dance. Organic forms are being created.

Key influence is my great coach and ceramics artist Sabine Classen, where I got fascinated by highly rule-based and structured, non-mathematically generated ceramic objects. Her guiding principle: 'Movement becomes form'.

 Second one is a work by Max Bill, seen at Ulm, Art Museum, Germany. It's called 'Double surface with 6 right-angled corners' where he followed a strict mathematical approach along 'Concrete Art' philosophy. Both approaches are inspiring and exciting in their contradictory nature while following the highest aesthetic standards.

As sub-projects, I have transformed parts of my sculptures into molded glass and supplemented them with multimedia art, as you will learn more about on this website.

Sculpture: Circle of Life

Circle of Life ceramics sculpture by
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