This website describes the journey from my ceramic sculpture to 3D print sculpture, from glass sculpture to illumination and multimedia art.

My motivation is the non-commercial and philanthropic kind of enjoying and sharing art. Thanks to my great coach and ceramics artist Sabine Classen, I had the special pleasure to get fascinated by highly rule-based and structured, non-mathematically generated ceramic objects and learn how to convert observations into ceramic artwork.

By visiting sculptures and exhibitions in different places in Europe, I got to know an impressive work by Max Bill in the art museum in Ulm. Max Bill is a famous artist with a deep, formal and mathematical background which defines most of his work. The work arises from a triangular band twisted in the base, which became the inspirational basis of my ceramic work.

Max Bill sculpture at art museum, Ulm, Germany, as inspirational source of DoerrArts work

After creating the ceramic object, my curiosity brought me into contact with common casting and copying processes. At the suggestion of Sabine Classen, I finally decided to do a study in glass and discovered the surprising beauty of the interaction of light and colors with my sculpture, as you will see on this website. Reflected light being led through the glass core leads to endless, aesthetically pleasing variations in light, color and shadows. If you combine these with video transitions, surprising, new architectural spaces are created, which I was able to develop into fascinating light and radio plays through further optimization.


We are now moving in the area of the fusion of sculpture, photography, video and music, which is meant to be an invitation for common installations and pleasure