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New in town: Tripedolo .. another piece of illuminated Glass Art by .. developed and transformed from ceramics to glass .. ready to demo and share

Experience the fusion of sculpture, color, light and music, which invite you to marvel and dream. In an extended live video installation you will discover flowing, expansive spaces and colors and be part of the interaction.


2022, October: Window Show of installation Triangola at the Modern Art Gallery, Karlsruhe.

​First Multimedia installation will be part of yearly 'Offenes Atelier' of Ceramics Artist Sabine Classen (, Kirchstr 12, 76229 Grötzingen, December 4th and 5th, 5 pm to 8 pm

2021, December: The first public installation took place as part of the annual "Open Atelier" of the ceramic artist Sabine Classen, Kirchstr 12, 76229 Grötzingen, Germany, December 4th and 5th

2 Trailers demonstrating live video performance seen there

The Multimedia Installation as having been presented is about you being in a dark room with the slowly rotating Crazy Diamond, illuminated by 2 hidden color light sources from underneath. Light scenarios will be accompanied by meditative music. In a second part of the show, a live camera transfers my Glass Art to a large scale projection. A second, offline camera track will be added in counterclockwise operation which will open flowing, dynamic architectures again being accompanied by meditative music. Visitors can interactively change color scenarios and experiment with different live camera positions to explore further spaces.

Multimedia Installation
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