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Triangola is ..


Triangola is multimedia glass art to make you dream and relax .. 

Enjoy Show #1 'Leaping Figures'


- Leaping Figure

- Turning to You in Red
- Dreaming in Blue and Yellow
- Land of Serenity ?

- Way of Life

.. or Triangola as live video shot here

Music by Michael Hoppé

Another video allows the viewer to experience Michael Hoppé music synchronously eg on own cell phone


The show #2 is a sequence of selected color scenes under rotation of the sculpture

Triangola is

- multimedia art

- the glass sculpture

- a stele for illumination and rotation

- a selection of themed shows with individual illumination and color schemes to matched music

- the basis for public video shows, in which a live and recorded video is mixed to allows dreamlike, mystical color spaces and architectures to be discovered by video overlays ​presented on projectors or cinema screens


The name Triangola follows the essence of this installation and is a combination of triangle (the base of this sculpture), spinning top and viewing angle. In Italian: triangolo, trottola and angolo.

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