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Triangola is ..


Triangola is multimedia glass art to make you dream and relax .. 

Enjoy Show #1 'Leaping Figures'


- Leaping Figure

- Turning to You in Red
- Dreaming in Blue and Yellow
- Land of Serenity ?

- Way of Life

.. or Triangola as live video shot here

Music by Michael Hoppé


.. click picture to see Youtube Video 'Leaping Figures'

Triangola performing 'Leaping Figures'

Triangola is

- multimedia art
- the glass sculpture Crazy Diamond
- a stele that powers Crazy Diamond's lighting and rotation
- a selection of themed shows with individual illumination and color scenarios to matched music
- the basis for public video shows, in which a live video recording of the sculpture allows dreamlike, mystical color spaces and architectures to be discovered by video overlays ​presented on projectors or cinema screens


The name Triangola follows the essence of this installation and is a combination of triangle (the base of this sculpture), spinning top and perspective. In Italian: triangolo, trottola and angulatora.


More shows or public presentations to come ..

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