Media Art

This is the place to encourage crazy thinking about multi-media capabilities. I had the pleasure and investigation fun to find surprising features to make dream stuff come true. One major surprise is that video overlays of this rotating sculpture  are generating new architectural spaces which harmonize with music in a meditative sense as you will experience in the videos and examples below. Quite obvious is projection mapping of videos on the object surface using it as a screen. Non-obvious is about delayed and mirrored overlays of video tracks with multiple camera positions and independent color and intensity control of several light or color sources. Music is key to make you dream as well .. my bets are Eloy, Pink Floyd, Boris Blank, Lucy Kruger, Suzan Köcher.

My vision for an installation has largely been realized in my installation 'The Magic Cube' and is ready to be presented to the public.

Some examples below:

Simple rotation with 3 color RGB

Simple rotation with 3 color RGB, overlay with same track is mirrored and reverse run

Title: Crazy Diamond

Clockwise and/or counterclockwise  loop operation. Loop track with different speeds

Title: A Touch of Magic

RGB meets CMYK, counterclockwise loop operation. Overlaid track mirrored and non-mirrored in CMYK

Title: Astral Entrance

Welcome .. counterclockwise loop in Red and White


Projection Mapping on static object demonstrating optional on-top capabilities


My vision for a multimedia installation is a darkened room where all above happens under your eyes. As an observer you have full control over all light sources, intensities and color mixing - maybe depending on the interaction of your neighbors. Video signals from several camera positions can be overlaid. Video signals from different streams can be delayed, looped back with different speeds and/or horizontally mirrored. The object is located on a rotating table with a masked, transparent base and with constant or changing speed in both directions. All video output is projected on a 4k projection wall in the same room. 7.1 surround sound system supports rhythm and speed of the video output.

Common set up for all video options is: sculpture is illuminated by up to 4 independently controlled full color space Hue RGB light sources. Projectors are in general a favorite light source to control stray light. Alternative is working with simple light sources and appropriate apertures to apply projection just on the object.

Operators may continuously control video loop features like length of delay, track speed, reverse or mirrored operation, origin of loop, e.g. different camera position or archive.