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Media Art

This is the place to encourage crazy thinking about multi-media capabilities. I had the pleasure and investigation fun to find surprising features to make dream stuff come true. One major surprise is that video overlays of this rotating sculpture  are generating new architectural spaces which harmonize with music in a meditative sense as you will experience in the videos and examples below. Quite obvious is projection mapping of videos on the object surface using it as a screen. Less obvious is about delayed and mirrored overlays of video tracks with multiple camera positions and independent color and intensity control of different light or color sources. Music is key to make you dream as well .. my bets are Eloy, Pink Floyd, Boris Blank, Lucy Kruger, Suzan Köcher.

Lenticular Print Art provides further inspiration, allowing movement sequences and superimpositions just by changing the direction of observation on a 2-dimensional print art technique.

Enjoy different flavors of glass multimedia art:

Welcome .. Enjoy and share passion to my Glass Sculpture meeting Multi Media Art to make you dream an relax

Touch of Magic

.. thanks to Boris Blank

Astral Entrance

.. thanks to Eloy

Lenticular Print Art

Lenticular Print Art

An example of several observation points on a DIN A2 lenticular print art

Motion transforms into form, form into glass, glass into light, light into motion  ..

4 sculpture positions representing a full turn. By applying a structured lens film and a special printing technique, which in this case repeatedly prints the 4 images in individual lines in a suitable grid, superimpositions arise when the observation position changes, which can otherwise only be realized with video technology. The print has to be very accurate and made carefully so that the desired overlays blend neatly into one another. ​


You can see Lenticular Print Art at 17 different observation angles here: Crazy Diamond, Full Rotation

.. and also the video below, which results from above photographies:

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