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The Triangle

Paper models of basic triangles with different lengths of twisted or not-twisted legs allow to create an infinite variety of simple to complex structures in a moebius or lemniscate style. Those guide my ceramic work.


Part of my fascination is to get the triangle balanced. See following citation to get a feeling for. Core Statement below.

See a selection of my related work below:

Sculpture: Flame

Ceramic Sculpture 'Flame' by

Sculpture: Dance

Ceramic Sculpture 'Dance' by

Sculpture: Love

Ceramic Sculpure 'Love' by
Pura Vida

Sculpture: Pura Vida

Ceramics Sculpture 'Pura Vida' by

Thoughts about the triangle as a philosophical term:

'The triangle can be seen as a symbol of the harmony that exists between opposing forces or ideas. Just as the triangle stands on its three corners, it suggests the need for balance and equilibrium in life. It reminds us that for every positive, there is a negative, and for every action, there is a reaction.

In this interpretation, the triangle represents the delicate dance between opposing forces, such as light and dark, love and hate, or yin and yang. It highlights the interplay between these opposing aspects and emphasizes the importance of finding a harmonious middle ground.' 

The Triangle .. a Philosophy
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