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The Magic Cube

Is ..


A mobile, sculptural multimedia, glass and video art installation that uses colored light to shape and support the properties of the Crazy Diamond and to discover new spatial and color architectures. As a quick shot see this Youtube demo.


My vision:


Sharing beauty of glass art enriched by optics preferably with educational and cultural institutions in which the fusion of sound, music, video and art plays a key role.


The Show:

The show consists of 3 presentations:

* Color Games


.. the transparent glass object is slowly turning and illuminated in a hidden way by 2 separate color light sources from bottom up which make it glow in rich spectral variety. Meditation music helps to sit and wonder. Color scenarios can be modified by Philips  Hue App -based interaction. A multicolor approach with 2 additional external light sources from left and right are opening infinite color spaces on top.

Crazy Diamond being operated on Magic Cube with bottom up colors blue and green creating turquoise and cyan as result of spectral addition and glass core interaction by total reflection

* Discoveries

.. overlay of clockwise and counterclockwise videos taken from the object leads to full spectra kind of outer space architectures. A live camera signal is mixed with a prepared video track or could be a second live camera in mirrorred mode. Live color scenarios can be modified by App-based interaction. Discoveries with different camera positions allow exploration of enhanced spaces by different levels of horizontal offset

Crazy Diamond with Magic Cube in Discovery mode: overlay of mirrored and non-mirrored video tracks. New architectures are being dynamically created while rotational operation
This is VideoArt created by capabilities of Crazy Diamand glass sculpture and Magic Cube which is a multimedia installation, based upon a glass sculpture, illuminated by 2 or 3 light sources, turned on a turntable. 2 video tracks are overlayed .. one of them is a live camera out of same camera position. Color scenario is swithed live by observer interaction via Philips Hue App.

See demo for interactive operation as you will witness while live performances

See demo for interactive operation as you will witness while live performances with horizontal camera offset video tracks

* Episodes

Are Multimedia Video Clips following selected music and themes applying Magic Cube capabilities. Enjoy Madrugada and Lucy Kruger in perfect harmony with my artwork

The SetUp:


Is a mobile multi-media, glass and sculptural art installation using colored illumination to shape, use and support glass object properties.


2 Operations are available:

1) Upper box is the core illumination unit fed by external or battery power from box underneath. Can operate cordless anywhere except under humidity. The core illumination is a set of 2 separate color LED light sources coupling light into glass bottom. Light coupling is masked to illuminate just the glass core. A third optional color light source couples light into the bottom side to represent and perform full RGB color space. The object is being rotated by a switchable turntable. Music tuned to the light operation is available. Light Scenarios are remotely controlled via Philips Hue Bluetooth App. Observers are able to play around with custom color changes if connected to Philips Hue App

2) To create new color and spatial architectures, a clockwise and counterclockwise operation has to be overlaid. This works by pre-processed videos taken from same point of view as with the live camera video signal. Both video signals are mixed and output to maximum 4 iOS devices via Accsoon App or directly connected to a cinema projector.

The Magic Cube is a mobile multimedia, glass and sculptural art installation that uses colored lighting to support the chosen glass shape. You will see the upper light and motor unit for rotation and a lower, optional unit for wireless operation, e.g. as party fun or as art gallery installation
This shows discovery operation with the Magic Cube and Crazy Diamond on top. Overlay of mirrored and non-mirrored camera tracks is creating new architectures, rooms and color scenarios while object is slowly rotating
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